Pastors & Staff

Rev. Ginger Isom

Senior Pastor

I am delighted to be serving as the Senior Pastor of Wesley. I am an Alabama native, but my roots run deep in northeast Tennessee. My mom was born in the coal mining camp of Stonega, VA then moved to Kingsport when she was 11 when Granddaddy went to work for Eastman, so I tell everyone that I may have been born and raised in the deep south but Mom raised me to be Appalachian. In my spare time, I love visiting historical events and places, antiquing, browsing at arts and crafts festivals, and taking in the beauty of these Appalachian mountains that surround us. One of my greatest joys is my snuggly Great Pyrenees Mo’kwa (who comes to work with me sometimes). I also enjoy cooking, with the kitchen being my sanctuary. Everyone also knows I am a confessed coffee snob (yes, I have a coffee bar in my office). Oh, and my blood also runs Crimson – Crimson Tide, that is!

Rev. Nathan Dugger

Associate Pastor

I am a Northeast Tennessee native, having been born here in Johnson City and raised in Elizabethton (so I come by my thick accent honestly). Generations of my family have lived in this region going all the way back to some of the original individuals who moved west into this land to settle, so these Appalachian mountains are truly home to me. Because my heart is so deeply connected to this region and these lands, my safe-haven is to be out in nature. You will find me hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, biking - pretty much anything I can do to put me in the great outdoors. There is nothing like being in the woods or by the water to connect my soul with our Creator God. I truly love adventuring, and I cannot wait to be on this great God-adventure with the Wesley community.

Rev. Ken Lytton

Minister of Congregational Care

Retired United Methodist Minister in the Holston Conference.
Ken was born in Radford, Virginia. He attended Radford High School and Christiansburg High School—where he graduated.
Ken is a graduate of National College; Duke University and
Emory University COS, and several specialty courses along the way.
He is married to Jerrie Elliott Lytton. They have 4 children: Richard, Wendy, Todd and Tara. And they have 4 grandchildren. (Taylor, Brandon, Cody and Cooper).
Besides spending time with Jerrie and the family, Ken enjoys helping others, reading, golf, fishing and working on things at his work bench.

Missy Wright

Director of Discipleship

I am orginally from Coeburn, Virginia. I have been on staff at Wesley since July of 1992.  My hobbies are: biking,  hiking, whitewater kayaking,  going to the gym and  Oh, I  LOVE CATS!

Christa Wagstaff

Director of Children’s Ministry

I have lived in the southern states longer than I’ve lived in my “home” state. I am from Grand Island, New York.
I am married and have three children that were raised in this church.
In 2014, I was hired as the Director of Children’s Ministry.
Nature is my sanctuary. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, yard work/gardening, or being outside with friends or in solitude, God calls me. Going to live concerts fills me with life. Watching football fills me with all things opposite of the ‘fruit of the spirit’…anyway…GO BILLS!

Rachel Montgomery

Children and Youth Assistant 

I grew up in Johnson City and this church.  I am a student at ETSU getting my degree in social work.  I have limited free time with school and work.  I have been on staff for going on 2 years.

Tammie Richardson

Communications/Facility Administrator

I grew up in Fall Branch. I have lived in Johnson City for 34 years. I have been married to my husband Jim for 30 years this September. I have two children ages 21 and 19. As most of you know, I love to cook and I love to take care of my family. I know my gift is hospitality and I love being able to use that gift from God for my job here at Wesley. I have worked on & off at Wesley for 14 years and I love this congregation.

Philip Dickerson

Custodian/Sound  Technician

I grew up here in Johnson City.   I graduated from  Science Hill High School.  I am an avid UT and Science Hill sports fan. If I am not watching sports, I might be out fishing!  I have been on staff here for 27 years.

Samantha Lyle

Media Specialist

I grew up in Jonesborough and have been at this church since I was little. I have a degree in film from Ringling College that I sometimes get to put to  use here at Wesley.