Resources and Forms

Hi Parents! This page is just for you 🙂

We want to help support you and provide some great resources for you and your family. Keep checking back here from time to time because we will keep updating and adding new things just for you. Here are a few parenting, youth, and family discipleship resources for you to check out:


As part of our continuing effort to be in communication and keep your students and all our staff and volunteers safe, we have youth forms that are filled out once a year to make sure we have the most up to date information. Please make sure you fill these out and send them to Jane or drop them off at the church to have on file for your student’s safety and to make sure you have the most current communication. If you haven’t filled this out at the beginning of this school year, please fill out and submit the contact info on this page below. Thank you!

Occasionally we have events or ongoing studies that require prior registration. You’ll be able to find links to the registration forms here. If you have any trouble registering or would like to ask questions, please email Jane at [email protected]

Youth Contact Form