Our History


Wesley has been serving the people of Johnson City and the Tri-Cities area since 1957. There was a dream for a Methodist church in North Johnson City. The first services were conducted at Steed College. The new congregation met at Steed College for three years.

THE FIRST CHURCH BUILDING -In 1960-1980,  Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church erected a new church on Susannah Street. The cost of the land was $2,000. Membership continued to grow steadily.

THE SECOND CHURCH BUILDING – 1980-Present, Ground breaking for the present Sanctuary was held on May 11, 1980. On Easter Sunday, April 19, 1981, the first service was held in the contemporary design Sanctuary.

In 1987, the church made arrangements to provide additional building space. Four additional classrooms, a larger fellowship hall and kitchen facility, as well as additional storage were created. On Easter Sunday, April 3, 1988, the new space was occupied.

In 1994, the old fellowship hall was converted into much needed administrative offices and additional classroom space.  In 1996, the Sanctuary area was expanded.  In March 2000, an addition to the church building was completed which provided more Sunday School facilities, a gym and a remodeled church kitchen.

The church presently houses a pre-school.  We are open to the community in a variety of ways.  The church has grown from 29 members to well over 900 members today.

The heart, sacrifices and efforts of many have made Wesley Memorial what it is today.  Our focus is directed on how we can better be the people of God and serve in mission and ministry.