1.  What are your Worship times and how do the services differ?   We have two services in our Sanctuary, one at 8:45 and one at 11:00. The 8:45 has a small group leading music and the 11:00 has a full choir. We have a Contemporary Service at 10:45 in our Gym.

2. How should I dress when attending Wesley?  All are welcome.  There is no dress code.  Some dress casually.  Some dress-up when coming to worship.  Come and be with us.

3.  What do you offer for children? There is Praise HQ followed by Sunday School at 9:40 for children ages 2 years-4th grade in the Children’s Department.  There is a nursery provided for children under the age of 2. During the 10:45 and 11:00 Service we offer Kids In Action, the kids leave part way through the Service and do a learning activity. On Communion Sundays, the children leave and then come back in the Sanctuary to take Communion with their parent/s. Of course, children are always welcome to attend Worship with their parents for the whole hour.

4. What do you offer for youth? One Sunday mornings there is a Sunday School class for youth at 9:40. Some youth attend the Contemporary Service, some youth play in the praise band. There are youth gatherings on Sunday evenings for both Junior High and Senior High.  Once a month the whole youth group gathers for Youth Worship on a Sunday Evening.  Our Youth department is 5th-12th grade.

5.  Are you handicapped accessible? Yes, we are on one floor except for a few classrooms in which there is an elevator. We also provide devices to help those who are hearing impaired, we have screens in the gym and Sanctuary to help with visual needs, we have handicapped parking spaces allocated and several handicap ramps in our parking lot.

6.  How do I find my way around?  There are blue signs throughout the building that give direction.  You can ask a member or long time attender.  They will gladly give direction.

7.  Can I take Communion?  Any and all are welcome to the table of the Lord.  There are no exclusions.  Holy Communion is celebrated monthly.

8.  How do I get to talk to a pastor or staff person?  It is best to call or email and request an appointment.  This way you are sure to speak with the person you desire.

9.  Can I come to studies and events other than worship?  Yes.  All studies and events are open and all are welcome.

10.  Can I get involved and take part in the life of the church?  Yes most definitely.  Depending on what area of ministry you want to get involved, it would be best to speak to the appropriate leader or staff person.

(If you have other questions please contact us)